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Best Growth Marketing Apps To Run An Online Giveaway In 2020

In 2020, there’s a lot of options on how to create a giveaway. You can create native giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and just about every other social media platform that exists. But, the smart way to do it is using an app that can combine them all into one. It’s become a digital trend to have embeddable widgets where users can perform various actions to gain additional entries into a giveaway. These actions can include things such as: liking a Facebook page, retweeting a tweet, following a Snapchat user, subscribing to a newsletter, and many other things. I always recommend people to go this route when running a giveaway. But which company do you choose? Fortunately, I’ve tried most of them and have whittled down my favorites. Let’s start!

I have to put ViralKit #1 on this list due to their AI contest builder. You’re able to input a few focus keywords (or a sentence), and it will create your entire contest for you. For example, you can say “Instagram giveaway for followers and likes. $250 Amazon gift card to 4 winners”. Then, it will write title/description and fill in all of the details and entry methods for your giveaway. However, if you prefer to build it manually (without AI), you can do that as well.

Favorite aspects:

  • AI contest builder.
  • Over 250 entry methods (more than any of the other tools).
  • Sleek design editor with custom theming.
  • Good build in security.
  • Clean easy-to-use UI.
  • Free trial (no credit card required) with affordable plans starting at $34 per month.

Overall, ViralKit is good for the non-tech savvy people. But, it’s also powerful and can serve enterprise clients as well. ViralKit serves most use cases and is sure to make your contest-creation journey much easier.

I really like Woorise is an option for creating customized embeddable giveaways. They offer a lot of options right out of the box: email signup, Facebook, Instagram, app download, coupon unlock, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Product Hunt, Twitch, Steam, polls, download / upload, and secret codes.

Favorite aspects:

  • They are freemium which means you can test them out without having to put a credit card on file.
  • All of the essential social media entry options are included.
  • There are a good selection of email integrations.
  • Various API integrations to choose from.

It’s definitely worth trying out Woorise. You are sure to be happy with the results!

SweepWidget is a uniquely good sweepstakes widget. They make it very easy to create a giveaway and have more options / entry methods than almost any other widget. Another perk is that they’re very affordable for what you get. SweepWidget boasts having 70+ ways for users to enter and over 120+ features.

Favorite aspects:

  • How powerful the custom design styler was. You can style just about every aspect of the widget without having any coding knowledge.
  • Had a LOT of entry methods to choose from across over 30 social media platforms.
  • I could create custom user input fields for the login form.
  • Lots of email API integrations to choose from.
  • They have a free plan and the pro plan is just $29.95 (and comes with almost everything).

You should definitely try running your next giveaway with SweepWidget. They won’t disappoint!

I’m a big fan of how simple it is to use Rafflecopter. I was able to signup and create my giveaway in literally 2 minutes. Their site is very fast and everything is very intuitive. They pride themselves on being the world’s easiest way to create a giveaway which I’d have to agree with.

Favorite aspects:

  • Easy to use with a fast setup.
  • Widget looks clean and simple.
  • Affordable pro plan.

The only thing I don’t like about Rafflecopter is that they have limited features. While it’s simple to use and runs fast, it doesn’t have nearly as many features as many of the other giveaway widgets. If you’re not trying to do anything too crazy, though, I’d definitely recommend giving them a try.

Gleam has been the most popular choice to run giveaways for a few years now. They offer more entry methods and API integrations than any other giveaway widget. Nearly every entry method on the widget has an API integration (automated authentication using the social API). Also, they have a lot of powerful customized entry methods that the other widget don’t offer.

Favorite aspects:

  • A lot of entry methods.
  • Automatic followup emails.
  • Lots of Email API integrations.
  • Lots of social API integrations.

The only thing I don’t like about Gleam is that they’re very expensive. They have an affordable Hobby plan that’s good for bloggers and small websites, though. The pro plan is $50 /m and the Business / Premium plan are $149 and $399 /m. If you have the budget, though, they’re definitely worth it.

I absolutely love Woobox for running Facebook giveaways. They embed onto your Facebook page and always seem to get more Facebook likes than any of the other widgets. They’re also very customizable and offer custom input fields.

Favorite aspects:

  • Great for running a Facebook giveaway.
  • Very good for viral share contests.
  • Customizable design.

I wish Woobox had more entry methods, but they’re great for what they offer. Anytime I’m trying to get more Facebook likes I always go with them.

Vyper is a great widget for running viral share contests. I absolutely love how detailed their how-tos and tutorials are. Also, I’m always amazed at how well written their case studies on previous users are. I’ve seen users get absolutely incredible growth with their email lists and social media stats.

Favorite aspects:

  • Excellent for running viral share contests.
  • Very good growth stats.
  • Great FAQ articles on how to effectively run a giveaway.
  • Excellent customer support.

Vyper tends to be on the pricier side ($49, $149, and $399 /m), but they do offer a free plan. If you have the budget for a paid plan they’re definitely worth giving a try.

While there’s a lot more giveaway widgets worth trying, I wanted to highlight my favorites. Overall, SweepWidget was my favorite for the price and how many features you get. But all the other widgets are great in their own ways. Please leave a comment below if you have any thoughts / recommendations!

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