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Best Growth Marketing Apps To Run An Online Giveaway In 2020

In 2020, there’s a lot of options on how to create a giveaway. You can create native giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and just about every other social media platform that exists. But, the smart way to do it is using an app that can combine them all into one. It’s...

How To Win Free Prizes At Online Sweepstakes - 3 Simple Proven Strategies

People often ask, "How can I win free with online sweepstakes?" There’s a whole movement of people online that enter daily sweepstakes to improve their chances at winning. There are people who treat this hobby as a full time job. And believe it or not, there are actually effective strategies...

What Is The Difference Between Blog Giveaways And Sweepstakes?

Not all giveaways are built the same. If you want a strategy at winning online sweepstakes, it’s important to distinguish the difference between blog giveaways and sweepstakes. These two types of giveaways typically consist of completely different types of prizes and usually have vastly...

How To Run An Effective Instagram Giveaway In 2020 - Growth Hacks And Tips

If done correctly, your Instagram contest can be much more than a way to win free prizes. It can be an effective marketing tool to expand your brand and build a large community of loyal followers. Through extensive testing, we have found that Instagram can be a very effective marketing strategy...

What Do I Get With A SweepGrab.com Promotion / Featured Listing?

Submit your giveaway to SweepGrab.com here. ~ All submissions have a $4 basic submission fee. We're a premium directory that delivers industry leading results. You can select how long you want your giveaway to be featured on SweepGrab.com. Your giveaway will be seen in the top of...

SweepGrab.com Active Coupon Codes For Giveaway Promotion - 2020 Update

Do you want to promote a giveaway to SweepGrab.com, but are trying to save some money? We've got you covered! Below is a compiled list of all active coupon codes for SweepGrab.com promotions in 2020. $5.00 off any active promotion that costs $25.00 or more: 5_Off_SG This means if you...

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